These 14 Drawings Are An Incredible Reflection of What’s Wrong With Society

Look at These 15 Incredible Drawings That Reflect Society

Most of the people believed traditionally, that art form imitates life. The painters represent what they see by producing a scene on a canvas, which happens with the sculptors, too.  Writers describe life, while photographers or filmmakers do it even more directly.

Art’s influence on society

The history shows that the art has always been the power of changing society, especially while new media have begun to use for expressing an idea. This attitude led to the government censoring further such use of a particularly powerful medium. In government censorship, art was used as propaganda, so, governments seriously take the effect of art.

It is evident that all of the major dictators of the C20th understood the power of art in order to influence the population. For instance, in Nazi Germany, Hitler set up the Ministry of Propaganda and National Enlightenment, which was headed by Goebbels. He made sure that nothing was performed, published, or exhibited without his approval.

However, even under less repressive governments, the artistic expression of certain ideas can be subject to control.

As a tool for telling the human story, art has been used to tell people what they look like, what they do and expressing the main ideas about the society.

In the films and music today, people can see various aspects of the society that need to be observed. For example, bands are talking about the prison-like nature of the world or films drawing upon the underlying awareness that makes up all of life.

The society today is facing many challenges that are long overdue for a change. These challenges of the humanity to deal with changes make a real picture of the situation in the society.

Look at the following drawings by Al Margen, which offer the reflection on what our society has become. By looking at these images can be raised many feelings and better understand the reality of the society.

When looking the images there are some points that should be analyzed:

– Begin with yourself and analyze how are you feeling about them

– Try to find your contributions to what the images are representing

– What can you do if you want to change yourself and your own behaviors when you find yourself in the context of the image you see below?


Through acting on this changes, you can inspire others to do the same.



–  Collective Evolution

Theory of Knowledge

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