Teen And Cow Lose At State Fair, Take A Nap Together And Win Hearts Of Millions Instead

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At the Iowa State Fair’s youth dairy cattle show, a young boy of the age of 15 named Mitchell Miner was photographed taking a nap with his cow Audri.

Even though there are many stories like this one where humans and animals develop a deep bond, this one takes the cake.

In particular, this picture shows how much a boy and a cow can be bonded with the time that he took to know the animal.

Even though Audri and Mitchell did not win any ribbons that they, they certainly won many of the people’s hearts around the world because of this picture.

The picture went viral immediately, drawing the attention of media outlets like Fox News and CBS News, giving us all a peek into lives of Mid-westerns that are hard working.

Exhausted from the weeks of preparation before contesting and being awake at 3 am the day of the event after it was finished Mitchell and Audri decided to take a nap.

In that contest, Audri took 5th place out of a total of 7 contestants. Luckily, Mitchell’s dad saw his son and the cow napping and took a photo of the two of them that ended up melting people’s heart around the globe.  

Mitchell was still proud of the hard work that both him and Audri put in even though they did not win any prizes as he had hoped they will.

The responses to this appealing photograph made the Des Moines Register question what exactly in the picture touched people.

They had this to say:

“It conjured memories for people of growing up on a farm and the love and care for they had for their animals while raising them for county fairs and 4-H shows. It conjured memories of the hard work and dedication it takes to wake up at 3 a.m. for your animal.

People mentioned the everyday care it takes to show an animal: bathing them, clipping them and walking them nonstop. For others, it’s the unusual bond that human beings are able to make with animals that are nothing like them and weigh 10 times more than them.”

This photo aroused a few negative responses from the online community that was wondering of what is going to happen to the cow once it goes back to the farm.

To reply to this backlash, Mitchell’s father, Jeremy posted on social media and reminded everyone that it takes love and enormous care to raise animals:

 “Livestock is raised with more blood, sweat, tears than you will ever understand unless you choose to make your living from it. Livestock are raised with their well-being, being of the utmost Importance.

Their health, comfort & well-being take precedence over our own. … Whether its milk or meat, we know that someday, they will fill hungry bellies. It’s never been about farmers not caring about animals.”

Additionally, he commented the following on Facebook:

“The problem today is that fewer & fewer people don’t know where their food comes from, nor are they willing to accept the way that food gets to their table because nobody is willing to teach them this reality.”

There are many people who are pet owners and many who grew up in 4-H clubs raising farm animals for show or market and know all of the joy that the animals can bring to a person and understand the connection and feeling of love that both the person and the animal have toward each other.

Mitchell Miner experienced this feeling and told the Des Moines Register: “She likes to lay down quite a bit. She just enjoys my company.




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