Scientists Will Spray Particles Into The Sky To Block The Sun In 2019

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One of the biggest concerns that the people of the world are facing is Global warming. It is already having significant and costly effects on the people’s communities, their health, but also on the climate generally.

Unless scientists take immediate action to reduce global warming emissions, it is obvious that these impacts will continue to intensify and increasingly affect the entire planet. Harvard scientists, working on this issue for a few years are ready for one of the most serious experiments.

Their experiment is based on spraying the sky by using high altitude airplanes, which will block the sunlight to cool the Earth and prevent global warming. This theory was present in the past, but it was only a conspiracy theory.

Harvard Researchers Can Start To Spray the Sky In 2019

Harvard researchers are picking their materials carefully and preparing for their sky-spraying experiment in early 2019. The first plan was to use an aluminum spray, but they will probably start with calcium carbonate instead. Their aim is to make something similar to the climate-cooling effect of a volcano eruption is.

The experiment, recently announced in the Nature magazine, is known as Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx). It explains that if all goes as planned, the Harvard team will be the first in the world to move solar geoengineering out of the lab. The assessment is that the first phase will cost US$3-million. There will be involved two flights of a steerable balloon 20 kilometers above the southwest United States as early as the first half of 2019. In the beginning, there will be released small plumes of calcium carbonate, each of around 100 grams. The balloon would then turn around to observe how the particles disperse.

What’s The Goal of the Experiment?

The goal of the researchers seems not to be the testing of how the particles white out the sun, but to normalize the geoengineering.

The scientists found that the entire narrative of climate change or global warming comes from the some of the same individuals and institutions who are related to the field of geoengineering, including the “defense” contractor Raytheon, as well as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), with their strong ties to George H.W. Bush’s administration.

Many people believe and there is some evidence, including rain tests obtained from the West Coast that tested positive for high levels of aluminum, is a sign that geoengineering is already happening and our skies are being sprayed as mentioned.

Also, there is a believing that many people can actually smell the moisture in the air and on their clothes. The people who believe that they experienced that say that it smells like static electricity, like an aluminum welding shop or a wet dog. Some of the people believe that they can visually see what is happening, while others even report that they have observed the spraying happening. A group of them say that they experience flu-like symptoms when the spraying is happening.

Why A Conspiracy Theory?

However, there are many people that have a difficult time believing or comprehending the theory that our skies are being sprayed with aluminum or barium daily, or what others say about smelling, feeling, or seeing this. For one group of people that can be a conspiracy theory, while many just don’t care or prefer to ignore the issue.

 Remained Questions about the experiment

The frequently asked questions about the experiment are about its actual goal, about the justifying a paradigm of the weather modification, how will that affect different countries and the people’s biological welfare.

Also, the people are asking is this only a conspiracy theory, or the people are ignoring what’s happening. Usually, people ask how aluminum can be constantly found in the rain.

However, there is a lack of answers yet, because of the deficiency of confirmed findings.

We would love to hear your thoughts, so share your answers with us, especially for the next questions:

–           What do you think about the geoengineering, this new Harvard experiment, weather modification, and the theory that our skies have been sprayed for a long time already?

–           Do you believe the conspiracy theory?

–           What is your opinion about weather modification, is it good or bad?


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