Pineapple Juice And Cucumber To Clean The Colon And Lose Weight In 7 Days

One of the most important things for our overall health is the body detoxification. Our colon will eliminate the waste, chemicals and toxins from our body, even if they are in our intestines.

You will be able to lose some extra weight by eliminating this harmful waste from your body. You can boost the weight losing process by being on a well balanced diet and do some exercises regularly.

Colon Cleansing and Fat Burning Juice (In Only 7 Days)

With this juice you will burn a lot of fat and cleanse your colon, and all of that will happen within a week, take a look at the ingredients below, and learn how to prepare the juice!

–1/2 cucumber
–1 apple (red or green)
–1/2 Aloe Vera
–1 pineapple slice
–Juice from an orange

First you need to wash the cucumber, and cut it in slices with the pineapple together. Grab the apple as well, wash it and cut it in slices too.

Then take the Aloe Vera leaf and divide it in two equal halves, you will need one half, which will be used in the preparation for 2 glasses of this incredible juice. You will only use the gel from the leaf, you should add that gel to the blender.

Then add the rest of the ingredients in the blender too, and add a glass of water as well, and don’t forget the orange juice!

Blend until the mixture is homogeneous. There you have, the fat burning and colon cleansing juice, which should be consumed for a week, 2 times on daily basis, once fasting and once more in the afternoon. Also it is very important to keep your body hydrated throughout this week, so you need to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day!

Avoid this fat burning and colon cleansing juice, if you experience any of these health issues:

–Ulcerative colitis
–Crohn’s disease
–Severe hemorrhoids
–Tumors in colon or rectum
–Recent bowel surgery

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