Cat – Protects You And Your Home From Ghosts And Negative Spirits!

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Majority of people who own cats even don’t know that they are mysterious creatures. They are not only simple pets that accompanied us, but they have a deeper spiritual significance in our lives. You should know that in case your cat rubs against you, it’s not only the act of her recognizing you as the primary or just asking for food. In this way, the cat is sharing its astral power and literally rubbing its magic on you.

The EWAO states that the cats have a positive influence on your life, preventing evil spirits from invading your space. They prove the positive energy in your homes and at the same time fight the negative energies that enter it.

Here are some examples how the cats protect you from more than just physical threats:
Evil Spirits:

Many people who own cats (and dog owners too) are more than sure that their pets are alerting them to the presence of evil spirits and natural phenomenon, and even they believe that they are trying to protect them from these powers.

According to a new survey published in Medical News Today, more than 30% of pet owners in the UK believe that their pets protect them from spirits and ghosts. They reported that their cats or dogs alert them to a supernatural presence by growling, barking or staring at nothing, or by assisting away from something that cannot be seen. Some of them said that their pet also displays flared neck fur when a spirit is nearby.

The experts believe that cats, because of their sensitivity, can follow the spirits and use their energy to expel unwanted entities from their territory, and thus your home. Of course, some other methods such as praying and or burning sage will help to drive away these negative energies too.

According to the Old Russian tradition when you are moving to a new home you can use cat’s natural powers to cleanse it. They actually do this ritual, when moving to a new place of residence they first let a cat in the house. The believing is that if the house is old, the cat will take care of all the unwanted negative energy (from the former owners), but if it is new, it will charge the house with the positive energy.

Psychic Abilities:

The same UK survey mentioned above shows that your cat may be psychic, as many pet owners believe their animals can sense when a family member is about to leave the house or coming home. Others said their pets sense when a storm is on the horizon or just know when it is time for dinner. Around 75% of pet owners believe that their animals can predict illness.

According to that study in Medical News Today, two highly trained dogs were able to detect prostate cancer in urine samples with 98% accuracy. There have been many other reports of the ability of the animals to detect illness in humans, which is shown in many cases when the cats are knowing when their owner is not feeling well and they will lie close to them, or directly on top of the affected area.


Because of cats’ ability to bring positive and cosmic energy at home, it’s thought that they can remove evil eyes and curses. When they are sitting, they usually gravitate towards energy centers in your home.


Maybe that will sound strange but many researchers support the healing ability of cats. They have found that around 30% of cat owners reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The suggestion of scientists is that having a cat can help you to relieve anxiety and stress, and thus it will help you to protect against heart disease by reducing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

Some researchers support the meditation with the cats, which showed some excellent health benefits.

We offer you to watch a great video that shows a pet psychic (or communicator) talking with a cat. You can see in the video the guardian who was homeless and how he responds to the conversation:

Watch also another heart-warming video of Oscar the cat, and his ability to know when hospice patients are at the end of their lives:

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