People Are Going Crazy for Kerrygold Butter

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The production of Kerrygold butter started around five decades ago in Ireland where all the major ingredients are purchased from.

In nowadays it has become famous butter in the U.S., and people loved it more than other brands, and the worry about finding Kerrygold is quite hysterical.

By spreading it like a cloud over bread, you’ll get a tasty, divine flavor of every dish or snack. It is also very popular in many fast-food restaurants, and factories.

For that reason, there’s a high influx of this butter in nearly every retail store across the country.

What makes Kerrygold butter so worthy and special of all the fuss?
1.The milk is from grass-fed cattle

As a giant in the Irish dairy industry, Kerrygold collects all their milk from Irish cattle farmers, who are the best in the world on these products.

Many farmers around the world supplement their cattle’s diet with grains, which is not the case with Irish cattle farmers.

Grass-fed cattle give milk with a higher nutritional value than grain-fed cattle and has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Those acids are known to be good for heart and mind.

Also, transforming Linoleic Acids (CLA), a type of beneficial omega-6 fatty acid from grass-fed milk gives it high anti-inflammatory properties and aid in weight management.

Suppliers (farmers) of Kerrygold can be only those who feed their cattle lush, green grass all year round.

For that reason, the butter has a rich yellow color.  Containment of a high level of the orange-colored beta carotene in green grass is important for getting the vitamin A in the body.

There are many other vitamins that the cows synthesize under the sun, which further boosts the nutritional value of the milk they produce.

Butter whipped from this rich milk is much healthier and nutritious than any other kind.

2.The grass-fed cattle are untreated

Many farmers tend to treat their cattle in order to protect them from bacterial diseases.

They treat them with antibiotic medications, while some inject growth-hormones into their cows to make them grow faster.

These treatments are not healthy for the cows and their products, and they can be transferred to people, as well.

Because the chemical compounds affect the quality, flavor, and taste of the milk products, Kerrygold ensures all their milk comes from untreated cows.

The taste of the Kerrygold’s butter is fresh and lovely, and it’s free of antibiotics and hormones.

Additionally, farmers who supply Kerrygold have to carry out about the quality of the grass, which shouldn’t be sprayed, because the grass treated with pesticides and other chemicals can be harmful to cows.

3.It’s creamy with a capital ‘C’

This butter is made from compounds with higher amounts of butterfat. Combination of all the ingredients makes the butter astonishingly creamy.

It can be used for spreading on the bread or can be used in the cakes.

4.Pie crusts are flakier with Kerrygold butter

A flaky crust can make a good-looking, baked-brown pie more than anything else. Many people can’t imagine a pie without the crusts.

This happens with this kind of butter because it has a very low moisture content.

It’s clear that Kerrygold butter is made with the best quality ingredients in the dairy industry. Consuming it you don’t need to worry about any toxic materials, and the flavor and texture are just to die for.

In general, you can use any butter made with milk from grass-fed cows that will always turn out really good and nutritious.





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