Never Lie To A Smart Women

Women have a strong intuition men are not able to comprehend. In addition, they are also highly sharp-minded. That’s why they usually find a way to find out the truth. So, think twice before lying to a woman.

As it’s in men’s nature to mainly focus on women’s good looks, they do not often take into account women’s personalities.

Moreover, many scientific studies have confirmed that women are better at reading the emotions and feelings of others compared to men. What matters to women is the truth and they hate being lied to.

Woman-man relationships are often viewed as complex particularly taking into consideration this trait of women that many men choose to ignore or aren’t aware of it.

Therefore, never underestimate the strong intuition of women. They are also analytical, perceptive and detail-oriented persons. These are some of their traits men are not able to understand.

Here is a story that suggests why men should never lie to women:

One day, the husband phoned his wife. He told her that he had to go fishing in China with his boss for about 7 days. He told her that it was a great opportunity for him to get the promotion.

He asked her to pack some clothes for 7 days as well as set out his rod and fishing box. He didn’t have enough time to pack as they were to leave from office. But, he also asked her to pack his blue silk pyjamas.

His wife realized that something wasn’t right with the excuse he managed to invent for the fishing party. However, she decided to do exactly what she was asked to.

After 7 days, he returned home. He looked tired and told her that he had done a great job by going to China with his boss.

His wife wanted to know everything, so she asked about the weekend, the boss, other colleagues, the fishing, etc. Her husband told her that they had caught a few Swordfish and lots of Blue gill and Salmon. When he asked why she hadn’t packed his blue silk pyjamas, she answered that she had packed them in his fishing box.

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