Groomer Arrested for Breaking Service Dog’s Tail After It ‘Wouldn’t Sit Still’

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Usually, certain dog breeds are routinely attributed to the characteristic of being “aggressive.” For these reasons, large dogs that look strong, from individuals are treated unkindly, as they assume that those dogs are violent.

Some dog breeds tend to play roughly, however, the extreme aggressive behavior of dogs is generally the result of their harassment.

Here we are focusing on one case when an irresponsible employee did not behave properly with the German shepherd he was taking care of but excessively abused the situation to the point of breaking its tail.

Groomer Brutally Abuses a German Shepherd

When a man picked up his German shepherd, TT, after the appointment at Groomingdales Pet Spa in Florida, he realized that she wouldn’t respond to commands and was acting very uneasy.

He decided to take her to the emergency hospital and there the employee found that her tail was broken and it is necessary to be amputated.

This case was reported to the Brevard County Sheriff, who started the investigation. The complete situation was recorded by the security camera, and the video showed that James Suthann, a Groomingdales employee, tried to force TT to sit still during her grooming.

As the dog didn’t comply, Suthann grabbed her by the tail and broke it. In the video is recorded the act of Suthann who is tying TT down and even hitting her over the head with the shower nozzle.

Legal Action and Recovery 

The Sheriff, speaking about this occurrence said: “Trust me… it is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch in my 39 years of Law Enforcement because of the horrific and cruel way the pet was treated.”

Being so enraged about this act of the mistreatment of the animal, he decided to escort Suthann to the county jail himself. Because of that mistreatment, Suthann was fired from Groomingdales and given a $200,000 bond.

This German shepherd (TT) is a service dog for a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), so that act was traumatic for both of them. The proper treatment of TT made its recovery surprisingly well from the incident. She is again able to run around and play like she used to

How to Care for Abused Dogs

The good news for the recovery of TT is encouraging many people who face something similar with their pets. She was successfully reunited with her caring owner.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen in many cases, because more often abused dogs are abandoned or taken to animal shelters. There the mistreatment usually continues and their violent behaviors keep them from finding a safe, new home.

There is an appeal for more caring people who are willing to adopt, rehabilitate, and care for abused dogs.

Caring for abused pets may be a very difficult task, however, there are lots of things that people can afford them, and making them feel safe, calm, and keep their aggression at bay.

Tips for Keeping Aggression at Bay
  • Parience

Because the dogs need emotional healing, helping them feel safe and loved it needs respectful time, so lots of patience is needed.

  • Create a safe space.

A quiet and comfortable space is needed, where the abused dogs can call themselves – somewhere they can go that’s calm and away from the busyness of the house.

  • Smile

One of the characteristics of the dogs is their skillfulness at picking up on nonverbal communication. For that reason smiling at the dog as often as it is possible will alert him that you are trustworthy and affectionate.

  • Establish a routine.

When are you giving your dog something to count on every day will help him feel safer and more grounded.

  • Slow movements.

Approaching slowly to the dogs will be more appropriate and that helps, let you near him without acting out.

  • Don’t yell.

Speaking to your dog in a soft voice should be practiced, even when giving firm commands. Avoid shouting, as it often reinforces a dog’s fears and invites violence.

  • Hire a professional trainer.

The crucial in the care of abused dogs is at-home training, but hiring a professional, if possible will accelerate rehabilitation and give your dog the support he needs along the way.

  • Educate others.

Inform everyone from your close environment that your dog may be aggressive and needs extra care. Also, it is important to teach them how to treat your dog lovingly and without fear or harshness.

  • Positive reinforcement.

Offering lots of treats and praise for abused dogs is the best way to care for them. Avoid any punishment as it will not give any positive result, but opposite it will lead to violent retaliation. 

  • Find the Loving Components in the Dog 

Dogs usually show aggression because they don’t know what it is to be loved. So, in case of taking care of an abused dog, please take the time to provide him, love. It can be done with training, patience, and lots of love.



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