Children Experiencing Deadly Side Effects from Flu Medicine

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Bad Experience of the Children

Preparing for the winter season the people are doing the best they can do to stay healthy and avoid the flu. Many of the people are relying on conventional treatments like Tamiflu, which for many people is not the right course of action. Having in mind the side effects of Tamiflu it could be even worse than having the flu.

According to the medical reports, this season has been one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory. Numerous people over the age of 65 are being hospitalized at very high levels, and there have already been registered over 30 pediatric deaths. The main reason for this situation is the new aggressive form of the flu known as H3N2.

Why Tamiflu?

Tamiflu is used to treat symptoms of the flu virus, such as the chills, runny nose, and sore throat less severe. This shot helps to shorten recovery time by 1-2 days, saving many people from suffering the flu as it runs its course.

In order to prevent the flu doctors also commonly use Tamiflu. It’s prescribed to stop the flu virus from growing. Tamiflu is prescribed also for the children as young as two weeks old for treating flu symptoms, and for that 1 year and older for flu prevention.

Tamiflu Side Effects

Even every season brings a new version of the flu, many people are reaching for Tamiflu. However, people who already got a shot can face various side effects that they weren’t expecting. The most common side effects from Tamiflu are mild, nausea and vomiting. But one of the rarest, more serious side effects can be linked to the mental and mood changes, which usually occur in younger children.

Additionally, a half of the children in England that are taking Tamiflu, besides the suffering from nausea, they experience insomnia and nightmares. Some of the children are experiencing similar side effects and some of them are even hallucinating at a terrifying level.

For example, after only taking two doses of Tamiflu, a 15-year-old girl began to experience hallucinations.

Find more information in the video below:

Another example of similar symptoms was a 6-year-old girl from Texas, after taking the flu medication. Hallucinating she run away from the home. She opened the window in her g her desk to climb up onto it, and when sh bedroom and using her desk to climb up onto it, and when she was about to jump she was stopped by her mother.

There are doctors who are even advising against prescribing Tamiflu to children. For example, the doctors at Arnold Palmer Hospital said that the most children who contract the flu will be fine and that Tamiflu should be reserved for some children with additional medical problems.

Doctors from Lake Nona reported that the emergency department saw 200 double number of kids than they normally see, because of the flu. She advises that instead of getting flu shot most children just need rest and some over the counter medication to get through the flu.

There are many other options to Tamiflu to avoid the side effects, such as a combination of elderberry and Echinacea.





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