21 Day Anxiety Challenge

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Everybody can be affected by tension. Some people can experience it daily, and for some, it might be a rare occurrence.

Regardless of how many times we experience it, any person can undergo the nervousness in a segment of his individual life.

This can affect how you assume and the way you feel, as well as trigger some physical expressions.

The nervousness triggers differently in every person, and by figuring out these triggers they can help themselves deal with the feeling of nervousness and stop it before it enlarges.

By understanding why your nerves start acting up, it will allow you to use different practices that will help you stop the effects of what the nervousness has on you.  

There is a 21-day practice that can help you deal with the nervousness and anxiety that you experience. Make sure you enjoy yourself with the following exercises and you will experience its effects.

The process to become anxiety-free in 21 days:

The first seven days of the routine will set the tone for the other days that you have left, so keep that in mind.

Week 1:
  1. Make A Daily Mantra

Depending on your obsessions and interests, and what gets you pumped up, you can make your own mantra. This mantra will help you remember your motivation, satisfaction, and what grounds you.

  1. Meditation

Meditating daily or just a couple of days per week can improve the life of those who experience pressure and uneasiness.

It will help you get into your own mind and learn to be present inside yourself.

You can meditate in different ways, like with music, peacefully, or in some place that you can concentrate completely on your body, self-esteem, respect stillness and musings.

  1. Deep Breathing

Even though it is listed as one of the steps you should do for the first week, practicing deep breathing can be done any day at any time.

Gradually take in the air and breathe out, keeping the air inside for a couple of seconds after each breath in.

This routine should be done from five to ten minutes and should be done especially when the nervousness or uneasiness kicks in.

  1. Writing Diary

 During the 21-days practice, it will be good to have a diary to write your thoughts in a discharging way to clear your mind up. Instead of keeping the deep thoughts to yourself, you will discharge them onto your diary.

Also, you can always come back and read what you wrote whenever you want. Not only does it feel satisfying, but things that you never realized that you used to feel or think about will eventually come up on paper.

The writing will also release your stress and give you a psychological relief. If you do not know what to write about from the beginning, start with issues that you are thankful about and why.

  1. Make A Goal To Achieve In The 21 Day Period

Whether it’s losing weight, hang out with family or friends, or read a book that you’ve always wanted to read, write down exactly what you want to accomplish and make yourself objectives that you can finish day by day for the next 21 day period.   

Week 2:
  1. Organize Yourself

Make yourself a calendar of your days in advance to help you relieve stress.

Even though every minute does not need to be organized, it is good to plan out important occasions, arrangements, or things that you need to remember that will benefit to you so you can finish your obligations and have time for yourself and the stuff that can bring you happiness.

  1. Assess Your Priorities

What makes you happy? What are the things that can fulfill you? These are the things that should be your needs.

  1. Color

Even though it’s classified as a childish thing, it can help grown-ups relax and quiet down their nerves. Shading things will help you focus on what is in front of you.

  1. Hydrate Yourself

Tension and stress can sometimes be caused by something that our body needs, in other words, a deficiency of some essential nutrients.

Being hydrated can help you calm down and boost up your energy, motivate you, and keep you happy.

Make sure you drink half of your weight in ounces of water every day so you will not have any problem with dehydration!

Week 3:
  1. Social Media Break

A break from social media is the best detox for your mind that you never thought would benefit you. You can set a certain period that you will stop using your phone and laptop for social media.

Electronic life can boost up your stress levels, or if you get stressed about something, you will see yourself constantly checking the phone endlessly.

  1. Go To A Sauna Or A Hot Bath With Essential Oils

This will help you loosen up your body and mind. Detox showers are a great technique for releasing toxic substances that have been built upon yourself, and usually, using your favorite essential oil will boost up the shower experience.

  1. Go Outside

A change of scenery and insertion of clean air can calm your mind down. Take in your surroundings and calm your stress and fear, even if it’s just for a short walk, it will help you out tremendously.

  1. Interact With People

Make sure you connect with other people. People who bring you joy, love, exhilaration, and reason can lead to a feeling of relief when you are alone.

Make sure you stay away from toxic people because they can bring you down mentally and add additional stress to your life.

Find all the joyful people, and don’t let them out of your life. Lastly, make sure you go out at least once in two days to release your stress with your peers.

Even though for some people, doing these routines may seem like nothing can change their way of life and stress that they experience, consistency will help make that change.

Make sure you dedicate yourself to this 21 days practice to see yourself feeling relaxed and de-stressed and push your anxiety aside.


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