Smoking Psychedelic Toad Milk Could Alleviate Depression For Up To 4 Weeks

The Psychopharmacology journal published a study that reports on toad milk and how it can be the most powerful remedy for depression.

Smoking this psychoactive, milky secretion of Bufo alvarius, or the Colorado River toad can have very quick and powerful benefits for managing depression.

The Colorado River toad is very popular for its poisonous secretions which are able to kill predators. However, it can also be used by humans to get high. In the United States, the biggest native toad can get as big as 7 inches in length and can consume water by osmotic absorption by its abdomen.

This toad discharges a white-like substance that is rich in the 5-MeO-DMT compound, which is a variation of DMT that can be found in ayahuasca, a mild-altering psychedelic brew.

Scientists explain that by drying this “toad milk” and smoking it, it will create a short-lasting but very potent psychedelic experience. As its high dissolves, the person smoking the milk is supposedly receiving mythical insights.

The scientists also add that one inhalation of vapor from the dried toad milk containing 5-methoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) in natural settings can make the person taking it to enhance their satisfaction with life and decrease their psychopathological symptoms.

Because of this, many therapists use this toad milk as an alternative to heal patients and treat their emotional and psychological illnesses.

Scientists conducted an experiment in order to test the effects of smoking the toad secretion. The experiment was conducted on 42 participants and was found that the depression average ratings were reduced by 18%. Additionally, anxiety in the participants was reduced by 39% and stress was reduced by 27%. These numbers are the average for one day of taking this substance.

An analysis was done as a follow-up after a month of this experiment and it revealed that the average ratings for depression decreased by 68% below the baseline levels whereas stress and anxiety dropped 48% and 56% respectively. The scientists believe that these effects are because of the increase of neurogenesis. They also think that it can be due to the alleviation of neuropsychiatric diseases by binding to the sigma-1 receptors which can regulate inflammation in the brain.

The researchers worry to share their findings because of exploiting the toads through trades on the black market or excessive milking.

Some of the states where the toads live such as Arizona, California, and New Mexico passed laws to prohibit taking these toads out of the state. California has the toads listed as “endangered” whereas New Mexico declares them as “threatened.”

Luckily, synthetic 5-MeO-DMT can be quickly and easily synthesized in a lab. John Hopkins University conducted a study that showed that the synthetic version can lower anxiety and depression in 80% of the people.


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