Losing a Pet Hurts More Than People Think

As a pet owner, you definitely know that there is nothing that can describe the love and joy that the pets give around the house.

Pets can be great companions since they always welcome you at the door. They are always excited and waiting for us to show them some attention and play around with them. They can make us laugh in many ways and are always amazing with children. They offer us unconditional love.

Whenever we feel lonely or sad, pets are always there to give us comfort and a warm hug. When we are happy, they can always make us feel even happier.

This is the main reason why people find it very hard to say goodbye to their beloved pets. The death of a pet will always be a painful and traumatic experience since it is similar to the death of a very close friend.

Many people can underestimate the pain they will feel when losing a cat, a dog, or any kind of pet. Researchers studied the degree of grief that the owners feel in these cases.

The Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico carried out a study where pet owners were questioned about the feelings they had after the death of their pet. All of the owners answered that their pain was very deep and intense.

Remarkably, Hawaiian researchers have figured out that the pain we feel after the loss of a pet generally lasts much longer than the pain we feel when losing a loved one.

Many people can agree that the pain they’ve experienced after the death of their pet cannot be compared to the pain after losing a loved one. This can be explained only by the fact that pet owners are connected very deeply to their beloved pets and usually they feel as if they have lost their best friend.

Sources: www.naturalhealingmagazine.com

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