1 Million Children Get Together And Meditated For World Peace In Thailand

The V-Star Change the World, a Buddhist annual meditation event that happens at the Phra Dhammakaya temple near Bangkok was attended by one million children.

The event lasts for a whole day and the people who are meditating on the event need to meditate for the whole day. They also believe that by meditating at this event they will be able to change the world.

This project began as a part of the World Morality Revival project and it was started by Wat Phra Dhammakaya Buddhist Temple’s abbot, Luang Phor Dhammachayo.

This temple has been involved in controversies before. Critics believe that the meditation event that they do annually is only for show and to attract more people to visit the place, whereas others compare the event as something done by cults. However, the entire goal of the project is for children that attend school to come together and give each other support while doing good things on a daily basis.

The children that attend the event come from up to 7000 schools in Thailand and other parts of the world. This event started in 2008 and since then it became an annual thing. The children come together to this event to pray, meditate, and to express their wish for happiness. They hope to heal the wounds on Earth that us humans have done to it. The more children attending this event and meditating, the more effect this event will have.

By meditating you will be able to extinguish your ego and unlock your full potential. People believe that meditating can awaken the life force that is flowing through human bodies.

However, in the view of science, meditation can increase electromagnetic energy that is generated by our body and improving its functionality. Because everything is made from electromagnetic energy, a mass event where people meditate will release big waves of positive vibes.

Generally, any effort that is put up to make people think positive and wish good on others is a step forward to a better and joyful world. Getting children involved with this idea will lead them to have good morals, values, and spread their positivity throughout their lives as adults. This will definitely benefit the entire world.

If we all get to come and work together, we can improve everything around us and help benefit the world that we live in. Even though our money-oriented world is full of evil, greed, corruption, and divisions, if we make our mind to it we can make it a peaceful and lovable place where everyone respects everyone.




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