Being in a Happy Relationship is Making You Fat, Scientist Confirms

There are many reasons why married persons or those who have been in a long-term relationship, experience gaining weight, such as:

  • Some say they eat (and snack) more,
  • Some people chalk it up to a routine,
  • Cozy up to their comfortable routines and others stop going to the gym.

This condition attracts scientists to investigate it happens and conducted many studies treating this matter. It was particularly shown in two studies in which scientists confirm that the thing(s) people love most in life will lead to extra pounds and love handles to prove it!

Here is a video that shows how Can Marital Satisfaction Predict Weight Gain:

However, there are different opinions and some believe it can, but others aren’t convinced.

According to some researches in the past, people who are satisfied in and with their relationships are generally healthier, which is, in other words, said: “happy wife, healthy life,” or according to some researchers – the health regulation model.

On the other hand, it is something quite opposite found in the study conducted in July 2013 by the researchers from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. In the study were included 169 newlywed couples on their marital journeys for four years.

The spouses of these couples shared information eight times about their:
  • Height
  • Marital satisfaction
  • Weight
  • Steps toward divorce
  • Stress

In this study was confirmed so called the health regulation model. This model suggests that people who are less happy with their relationship are more likely to try to lose weight. Researchers based it on the desire to attract a (new) mate. For that reason, spouses that are satisfied with their relationship don’t pay attention to their weight and probably that is the case with their partner because they’re happy and comfortable with how things have gone so far in their marriage.

Lead researcher, Andrea Meltzer said: “Satisfaction is positively associated with weight gain,” and “Spouses who are more satisfied tend to gain more weight, and spouses who are less satisfied tend to gain less weight.”

The beginning of the study shows different results depending on the sex:
  • Husbands had a slightly overweight body-mass index (BMI) of 26
  • Wives had a healthy BMI of 23.

According to Meltzer for each unit of increase in satisfaction, a 0.12 increase in BMI occurred every six months, on average.

Happy in Marriage, Heavier on the Scale

Researchers from Australia conducted another study and published it in February 2018 in PLOS. In this study was collected data from 15,001 individuals with different status of relationship (couples or singles).

Lead researcher Stephanie Schoeppe and her team found that couples had an average 5.8 kg weight gain, whereas single individuals had an average weight gain of 1.8 kg a year.

The statics from 2005-2014 revealed that although couples drink less alcohol, smoke less, couples eat less fast food than single people, and watch less television, still weighed more.

She also explains that couples who have children in the household, they tend to eat the children’s leftovers or snacks. Also, when couples don’t need to look attractive and slim in order to attract a partner, they may feel more comfortable and eat more or eat foods high in calories.

It is evident that many factors are determining the cause of one’s weight gain, such as:
  • Stress
  • Eating and drinking habits
  • Everyday habits (e.g., lots of television, sit-down job)
  • Amount of daily physical activity






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