Brewery Unveils 6-Pack Rings That Feed Sea Turtles Instead of Killing Them

Pollution in the Gulf of Mexico is a serious issue in the world. One of the highest amounts of sea plastic is released in the gulf, such as plastic six-pack rings and this can damage sea life.

Sea birds and sea turtles can wrap themselves in the plastic and create a risk to their own life.

In order to make a contribution to saving the planet, a brewery in Florida made biodegradable six-pack rings that wildlife can use as a snack.

These rings are made from wheat and barley.

Even though it looks like they are made from cardboard, the wheat and barley products that they are made from are compressed in a durable material, which cannot be torn easily by transport or storing.

These biodegradable rings are produced by the Saltwater Brewery, located in Delray Beach, with a startup called E6PR (meaning Eco Six Pack Rings).

Their hope is for other breweries to start using this product and exchange it with the plastic they normally use.

The head of the brand at the brewery, Peter Agardy, has told in an interview that this product is a big investment for his small brewery that was created by surfers, fishermen, and people who love the sea.

The president of Delray, Chris Gove, hopes to inspire the other owners of bigger companies to get on the board and start using this product.

A report from CBS News stated that the product was a project between the New York ad agency We Believers, Entelequia, a Mexican biodegradable supplier, and investors from the packing industry for beverages.

If they end up getting littered, the rings will be biodegraded because of the by-product waste materials that they are made.

The rings are tested with a group of other craft breweries at the moment but they do not discuss any specifics at this time.

With their help, we can finally move to a solution that will solve the pollution in the Gulf of Mexico.




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