Swarm of Bees Follows Car For 2 Days to Rescue Queen Trapped in Back

In a town called Haverfordwest, Wales, a woman named Carol Howarth left her car to do some groceries. While she was shopping, 20,000 bees were drawn to her car. Tom Moses, a local man, saw the bees and called in a team of beekeepers to see if they were handled poorly.

He was afraid that since this was all happening inside the city near a pub that some people might get themselves hurt or hurt the bees in some way, so that is why he called in the beekeepers team. He said that people were amused by what was happening and took pictures and cars were slowing down to see the spectacle of bees.

By the time Howarth returned from her errands, the beekeepers finished their job and the swarm of bees was gone from her car. However, the bees eventually managed to track down her car.

In an interview, Carol has told that the next day she figured that some of the bees that were in the swarm the day before had followed her car home. Later she called the beekeepers and they suspected that the queen bee had been stuck in her car, attracted by something sweet. The swarm of 20,000 bees was positioned on the back of her car, where it was suspected that the queen bee was located.

Finally, the queen bee and her subjects were reunited without any harm done to them and to any of the people. One of the beekeepers says that it’s one of the strangest bee related things he has seen in three decades. Usually, it’s natural for bees to follow their queen, but it was strange that they followed the car for two days in order to rescue their queen bee.

Source: http://thewildchild.co.za

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