Chinese Face Map Reveals What Part Of Your Body Is Sick And How To Fight It

Inform Yourself about the Face Mapping

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the face can tell you a lot about your health and the condition of your internal organs. This method has been used by many healers in the past for millennia.

Because the skin of the face is quite sensitive, it could react to internal problems or possible health changes. For that reason, every part of the face could be associated with a specific internal organ.

You should look at color changes, pimples, or rashes, which could be a sign that there is something wrong or imbalance in that particular organ.

Here you can find everything about this ancient wisdom, how you can use it and get the advice on how to treat a certain issue.

1.  Nose Problems – Heart

Facing the nose problems will be a sign of:

– Poor circulation,

– Pollution,

– Bloating,

– Flatulence, and

– Hypertension.

Advice: We recommend you to treat those health problems by detoxifying the body, drinking green tea, and staying active every day.

2. Forehead – Small Intestine and Bladder

The forehead problems could be caused by:

– An excessive intake of fatty or canned foods,

– Alcohol,

Sugar, and

– Stress.

Advice: We suggest you stay hydrated and get enough sleep. You should, also avoid consuming an excessive amount of alcohol and try to eat well-balanced and a healthy diet.

3. Chin and Mouth – Hormones

The hormonal imbalance can be caused by dehydrating the body, as well as consuming too much-seasoned food, a lot of salt, or caffeine.

Advice: We suggest that you stay away from all the seasonings. If that doesn’t help it might be because of the hereditary.

4. Problems between the Eyebrows – Liver

The liver can’t function properly in the case of the overburdened stomach,


– Try boosting the digestive system and consume more healthy foods

– Practice any form of physical activity that can be a great way to boost digestion.

Any form of physical activity, such as walk, practice yoga, swimming, or dancing can be great for the overall health.

5. Eyebrow Arch – Kidneys

These problems are caused by:

– Weak heart muscles,

– Too much alcohol,

– Poor blood circulation, or

– Smoking

Advice: Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoking, to treat this problem properly. You should also drink plenty of water, as well hydrated body helps your kidneys to function properly.

6.  Neck and Jaw – Stomach

The possible causes of stomach problems are:

– Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and fat

– Consuming too many spicy foods,

– Staying up late at night, and

– Being in stressful situations

Advice: Consume more fresh fruits and follow a healthy routine from time to time. Additionally, we suggest spending the time with people who will fill you with positive energy, in order to avoid any stressful situations.

7.  Cheeks – Kidneys and Lungs

It is usually caused by:

– An unhealthy diet,

– Too much sugar,

– Stress, and


Advice: Start eating healthy foods and keep the body hydrated at all times.

8.  Lower Cheeks – Lungs

This is caused most common by:

– Pollution and

– Smoking.

Advice: You should spend more time in less polluted areas or places where the people don’t smoke a lot.




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