17 Chocolate Brands Whose Products Contain Heavy Metals Lead and Cadmium

Avoid the Chocolates with the Lead and Cadmium

The European Union, in an effort to protect consumers, has released new guidelines for cadmium exposure. This guideline will take effect in January 2019:

Milk chocolate with more than 30% total dry cocoa solids and chocolate with more than 50% total dry cocoa solids, should contain more than 0.30 mg/kg wet weight of cadmium

Milk chocolate (less than 30% total dry cocoa solids), should contain less than 0.10 mg/kg wet weight of cadmium

– Chocolate (more than 50% total dry cocoa solids) should contain less than 0.80 mg/kg wet weight of cadmium

Cocoa powder (or sweetened cocoa powder) sold to the final consumer (drinking chocolate) should contain less than 0.60 mg/kg wet weight of cadmium

The Confectionery News, an industry publication informed that there are no limit values for cadmium in chocolate in the U.S. However, as in many other countries, California requires a warning label on products with the amount more than 4.1 mg of cadmium per daily serving.  According to the FDA’s guidance, the limit for lead is 0.1 ppm in candy consumed by young children.

Consumer health watchdog in OAKLAND, CA in 2016, released results that showed 35 of 50 chocolate products tested, expose consumers to lead and cadmium above levels set by California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act.

Testing is conducted at independent laboratories and ordered by As You Sow. There were found contained lead and/or cadmium. However, they fail to provide the legally required warning to consumers about the manufacturers.

Consumers exposed to lead are linked to neurological impairment, such as decreased IQ and learning disabilities. But when it comes to the children there is no safe level of lead for them.

The Flint disaster underscored, that the humans have contaminated our environment with lead, and now the people must do everything that is in their power to protect themselves and children.  The most vulnerable categories of the people are young children and pregnant women.

Danielle Fugere explains that lead and cadmium are accumulated in the body, so, exposure to them should be avoided at any cost, especially for the children.

According to the scientists, chronic cadmium exposure is linked to liver, kidney, and bone damage. Children are more prone to even from low doses over time. Conducted studies on animal associate cadmium exposure with decreased birth weight, male reproductive harm, and neurobehavioral problems.

Here are the brands involved

1) Earth Circle Organics Organic Balinese Cacao Nibs Cold Pressed

2) Bissinger’s All Natural

3) Ghiradelli Chocolate Premium Baking Bar

4) Ghiradelli Intense Dark


5) Godiva Chocolatier

6) Godiva Chocolatier

7) Godiva Chocolatier 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate

8) Scharffen Berger Extra Dark Fine Artisan Dark Chocolate (82% cacao)

9) Scharffen Berger Semisweet Fine Artisan Dark Chocolate (62% cacao)


10) Organic New Moon Rich Dark Chocolate (74% cacao)

Lake Champlain Chocolates

11) Lake Champlain Chocolates Dark Chocolate (57% cocoa)

12) Lindt Excellence

13) Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Bar

14) Green & Black’s Organic

15) Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Chile Variado (68% cacao)

16) See’s Candies Premium Extra Dark Chocolate (62% cacao)

The Kroger Co.

17) Private Selection

18) Organic Fair Trade Pure

19) Trader Joe’s Swiss 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate

20) Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar – Toffee With Walnuts and Pecans 70% cacao

21) Trader Joe’s Pound Plus Dark Chocolate

22) Trader Joe’s Pound Plus, 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate

23) Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate 73% Cacao Super Dark

24) Trader Joe’s The Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar (85% cacao)

Vosges, Ltd. Wild

25) Ophelia All Natural New Orleans Chili – Dark Chocolate Bar (70% cacao)

Whole Foods Market, Inc.

26) 365 Everyday Value Organic Dark Chocolate (56% Cacao)



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