11 Ways Narcissists Will Try To Manipulate You

11 Ways of Protections from the Narcissists

Narcissists are the people who are motivated by what is best for them, not what is best for other people. It is unlikely that everyone will ever be able to change their behavior. In order to protect your mental and emotional well-being, you can remove yourself from a narcissist’s influence.

The ability to avoid having to ever deal with narcissists will be the best way of protecting yourself from their manipulating. The most important in such a case is to recognize the signs If you suspect you are affected by someone with this behavior, as they have a clever (but hurtful) tactics.


That kind of people believe that they are always correct, so to prove this, they are looking for the people who have already convinced to support them. This is pretty unfair to another person who will be in such a case involved to join them. When that happened to you, it is the best thing to get away with a bluff of having plenty of your own people who support you.


Many times narcissists change their mind about the things done for them, so they started to hate the very things that they once said they liked about you. This is one of the very common ways how they manipulate, making people believe that they need to be even more than they are in order to please them.


According to the researcher’s studying, narcissistic personality relates to aggressive behavior. They show the strongest associations with verbal aggression, overt aggression, and the inability to control their emotions or behavior.

By recognizing those people, do not get into an unsafe situation with them. The best way is to protect yourself from being a victim of their abusive tendencies, as everyone deserves better relationships.

While physical aggression can easily be recognized by others, psychological aggression is harder to be identified. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, these are the traits of a psychological abuser:

–           Threatening

–           Intimidating or making people feel afraid

–           Superior language

–           Withholding the physical, financial or emotional support

–           Controlling your relations with your friends and family

–           Making pressure to do things that somebody doesn’t want to do

–           Controlling people’s behavior

For those who are fearful for their safety, they should go to a safe location or call some experts in order to avoid violence situation.


Another way how narcissist will try to manipulate people is by belittling others and making them feel less valuable. They feel better by comparison if they can make you feel ashamed of your lack of education, appearance, or social class.


Another narcissist’s tactic is playing the victim, which helps them to console and defend their inflated ego.


According to the researcher’s studying, the everyday behavior of teenage narcissists is more extroverted and less agreeable than non-narcissists. They, usually skip class more and use more sexual language.

Those people are always ready to embarrass you in public and make you apologize to others for their behavior. This is a way how they will convince you to support their ego, by being their messenger and smoothing things over and making it easier for them.


Because of their beliefs that everything should be about them, they usually even don’t listen to others. They will immediately turn the topic back to themselves and cut others off when they are speaking, and are not tolerating anybody to cut them off.


The narcissists project their behavior onto others because, of course, they themselves are flawless.


If you are doing things you don’t want to do for a narcissist, this is another way of their manipulation. Somehow, narcissists used a strategy to get you to obey their command in spite of your refusing.


Gaslighting is a tool used by narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths in order to make a question for their own rationality. For example, when you tell a narcissist a disagreement of their statement in front of your friends, they will deny it, then offer proof that you are wrong, asserting that it never happened. They will even insist that you were imagining things.


Insulting and yelling language is another way a narcissist will try to manipulate you, in order to make you feel fearful and small. The best way to protect yourself is to stay strong in the face of this kind of bullying behavior. Keep the conversation calm and with a normal voice volume, asking the narcissist to do the same. In case they don’t change the way of speaking to you, then you should refuse to talk to them.

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